Pictures :D

Any fan art I find online I will post here. Also, can you guess the characters on the header image?



From left to right: Yuanbao, Meng Fuyao, Zhangsun Wuji (Yuan Zhaoxu), Zhan Bei Ye, Zong Yue, Yan Jingchen, Ya Lanzhu




Official Photos from the Drama Adaptation (they are shooting right now, will probably air next year, I am not sure how long subbing it into English will take though)


This is Yang Mi, she is going to play Meng Fuyao. MyDramaList link


This is Ethan Ruan, he is playing Yuan Zhaoxu. MyDramaList link


This is Gao Vengo, he is playing Zhan Bei Ye. MyDramaList link


This is Lai Yi, he is playing Zong Yue. MyDramaList link


Not sure who this dude is lol


This is Zhang Ya Qin, she is playing Ya Lanzhu. MyDramaList link




3 thoughts on “Pictures :D

  1. Loving the story so far and ym is totally fy! She looks badass in that black and red outfit! Much nicer than the purple outfit. LOL vengao is going to be a total opposite of dijun so that is already exciting. Haven’t seen much of a Ethan but hopefully he delivers as well. Can’t wait to see the drama!

    Thank you so much for translating. At first I wasn’t going to start reading since it is not completed but I started to just get a feel and finished all! Hahaha


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